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CEC2021 SS-38: Analysis of Dynamics of Evolutionary Computation and Its Applications
CEC2021 SS-38: Analysis of Dynamics of Evolutionary Computation and Its Applications
28 cze 2021, 08:00 – 01 lip 2021, 17:00
Krupnicza 33, 31-123 Kraków, Porland
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Analysis of Dynamics of Evolutionary Computation and Its Applications

IEEE CEC2021 SS-38

Scopes and Aims:

   Evolutionary computation has shown very high performance in multi-objective optimization and has achieved a lot of results. Especially in recent researches related to artificial intelligence, multi-objective optimization techniques are indispensable. However, evolutionary computation, which performs a multi-point search by sequential computation, requires a huge number of function evaluations and a huge amount of computational resources.

   In order to overcome these problems, it is necessary to develop efficient algorithms or to implement a very high-performance computing environment.

In order to develop efficient algorithms, it is important to analyze the global optimum solution-seeking dynamics of evolutionary computation and to design algorithms based on the analysis results. In addition, analysis of the solution-seeking dynamics of evolutionary algorithms is also essential for the implementation of high-performance computing environments.

   In this special session, we will discuss the global optimum solution-seeking dynamics of various evolutionary computation algorithms, novel algorithms based on the analysis results, implementations of massively parallel evolutionary algorithms using cloud computing systems and services, and distributed implementations of multipurpose evolutionary algorithms.

This special session welcomes results on any "efficient" evolutionary computation, including the following topics

Topics of interest include but are not limited to: 

- Analysis of evolutionary computation

- Analysis of swarm intelligence

- Single objective evolutionary computation

- Multi/Many objective evolutionary computations

- Evolutionary computation for machine learning

- Parallel and distributed multi/many-objective evolutionary algorithms

- Parallel and distributed Swarm Intelligence

- Implementation of massively parallel evolutionary computation in cloud computing systems and/or services

- Implementation of distributed evolutionary computation on many-core architecture such as GPUs

- Applications of parallel and evolutionary computation techniques in the smart city

Key Days:

The special session will follow the same review process and timeline as that for the main track for IEEE CEC 2021.

  • Paper submissions close: 31 January 2021

  • Notifications for paper acceptance: 22 March 2021

  • Camera-ready paper submission: 07 April 2021

  • Early registration deadline: 07 April 2021


Kenya Jin’no, Tokyo City University (

Yuji Sato, Hosei University (

Noriyuki Fujimoto, Osaka Prefecture University (

Toshimichi Saito, Hosei University (

Program Committee Members:

Juan Julián Merelo Guervós, University of Granada
Hidehiro Nakano, Tokyo City University
Toshiharu Hatanaka, The University of Fukuchiyama
Keiko Ono, Doshisha University
Daphne Teck Ching Lai, University Brunei Darussalam
Shiqin Yang, Shanghai Ocean University
Mikiko Sato, Tokai University
Minami Miyakawa,  Shinshu University
Cheng He, Southern University of Science and Technology

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33 Krupnicza
Kraków, 31-123

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